Keep that Kids Table Busy {EASY printable crafts}

happyturkeyAh, the kids table. A no man's land of uneaten food, spilled milk, and restless little ones. Before you park them in their seats with an iPad each and pray that you can finish your stuffing and one glass of wine before chaos ensues, read on for some easy craft ideas (I mean EASY) that might just keep them entertained long enough to have two glasses of wine and some actually still warm turkey. indexFirst up, dress the part. These pilgrim's bonnets are too cute, and they will love wearing them. Levy came home from school with one last year and I scoured the internet (okay did a quick google search) to find the template because I am honestly SO BAD AT CRAFTS that I need a template for a pilgrim's hat. If you do as well, you can thank Martha.

Next, cover the entire table with craft paper. If you don't have any on hand flatten out some paper bags and tape 'em down. Make that entire area a spill friendly, crayon friendly zone. To make it pleasing to the eye (and to settle any "he's drawing on my area" disputes that might come up) draw in "place mats" for each child like Sweet Paul did here.

Print out some reinforcements, because we ALL know that drawing on the table, while a thrill for little ones, is a short lived thrill at best. Made By Joel has some adorable printables (free!) like this Thanksgiving place mat, and when that gets old break out the big guns like this printable Camping Scene. So cute you'll want to keep one for the grown up table.

Finally, bribe them with pie. Works like a charm.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sending out love and happy thoughts to all of you, how thankful I am to have you read my stuff, much love! xoxo