Mamatoga Gift Guides: Grandmother Edition

grandmagiftguideThis little collection is great for that special mom in your life, either your own mom, your mother in law or your own grandmother.

1. With a gorgeous vintage design just like the original, this sweet clock is functional but also makes a beautiful addition to any bedside table.

2. These little knitting kits are perfect for some grandma and grandkids bonding time.

3. These bracelets are so cute (and inexpensive) you'll want one for yourself too.

4. Personalized and simple, a functional classic for the house.

5. Just plain pretty, this wallet is retro without being cutesy.

6. These place settings are just too cute to pass up.

7. Emma Bridgewater is my absolute fave, something she'd never buy for herself but will use everyday, get it personalized with her name for a special touch.

8. A cute way to round up the toys leftover from when the grandkids come to visit.

9. A beautiful way to capture a childhood home.

10. This tote, with the absolute cutest thermos print. I'm in love. Might have to just get this one for myself actually.

Stay tuned for more gift guides coming your way, and find the Holiday Guide 2014 here for all the holiday info! xoxo

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