Mamatoga Gift Guides: Teacher Edition


1. Can someone PLEASE get this Library Date Due pashmina scarf for their favorite school librarian?! How cute is it?!

2. Stock up on some new books for the classroom, hit up Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs and ask the booksellers for some great age level appropriate books to keep that classroom library stocked.

3. Gift cards! May I suggest one for coffee?

4. This personalized stamp is just too cute, and this Etsy shop has lots of different styles to choose from.

5. Teachers often pay out of their own pocket for classroom supplies, lighten that load for them by gifting a School Supplies care package. Find out what they need most in the classroom from the Room Parent and make up a cute basket full of stuff.

6. This notebook paper stationery from Rifle Paper Company couldn't be more perfect, plus you can get it personalized. If I were a teacher, this is the gift I would want (maybe with one of those coffee gift cards inside too. I like coffee).

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