Mamatoga Gift Guides: Toddler Edition {boys}


1. This car print will go from toddler room to big boy room to college dorm.

2. Plui, quite simply, is a "rain ball" for the bath or pool. Kids immerse Plui in water to fill him up and then plug their finger over the top hole as they raise it up high. Lift the finger from the nozzle and water falls like rain. The only difference is kids get to control the downpour! Plui stimulates the senses and discovery of basic physical principles.

3. This rainboat wooden stacking toy is so pretty you're going to leave it out on display when your little one isn't playing with it.

4. Imaginative play is so key at this age, and this sweet little Fair Trade set is hand knit from hand spun, hand dyed 100% wool and stuffed with wool roving. Packaged in a recycled pulp berry basket in red netting.

5. A classic toy gets new life with these Stacking Robots, good for little hands but hard to resist playing with at any age.

6. Have a budding Arnold Palmer on your hands? This golf set from Plan Toys comes with one ball, two different tracks and one hole and is made of eco-friendly rubberwood and comes in a little carrying bag so he can walk the greens and play whenever.

7. A classic look for any age but especially cute on little feet with a great punch of color.

8. There are no instructions with this colorful set of six Bilibo Minis. Just like big sibling Bilibo, five-inch Mini Bilibos are in cahoots with the imagination of kids and natural curiosity sets the course.

9. Everybody needs a Blabla, and this little mustachioed and suspendered Luigi the Frog is just beyond cute. Find them locally at Yoicks!

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