My Nursing Mom Uniform

bfeedingmamaSo this is my fourth go at breastfeeding, and so far it's going pretty well. I've learned from some issues I've had in the past and I have to admit I'm a whole lot more confident as far as nursing goes. It's a combination of being less self-conscious and plain old necessity, with four kids you need to be able to do stuff on the go, and that includes feeding the baby. So far I've nursed her in Target about a thousand times, at a movie (for kids) the other night, multiple restaurants, a photo shoot, and pretty much every outing we've been on as a family as well. If you have seen me and Talley out and about and I have a cover over her carrier, I'm nursing her. The other factor that has made it easier is a great bunch of products that have made me super comfortable, some are actual breastfeeding products, some are just regular necessities that make me feel like I'm slightly pulled together even when I feel like a sweatpants wearing zombie.

Jewelry: Sometimes the smallest details have the biggest impact, and these are my current favorites. The Lotus initial necklace from Silverwood has the daintiest gold chain that hits at just the right spot at your collarbone, and is affordable enough even for a mom like me that needs to buy four initial pendants.

Another line you can find soon at Silverwood is Moon and Lola (also just seen on Oprah's Favorite Things). First, these earrings have just enough edge to update even the simplest outfit without making me feel like I'm trying too hard, and this cuff is actually even called the Saratoga Cuff. I'm in love. Finally, I guess four is my number now, find this one at J.Crew here, or a more affordable version here.

Boyfriend jeans are my newest favorite, as I leisurely take my time to lose all the "baby weight" (I hate that term) these are the most flattering, and the most comfortable. Not to mention high waisted is the way to go now.

I have fully embraced the floppy hat, partially because my hair is so long and out of control since I haven't gotten it cut since before I was even pregnant, and partially because this gorgeous hat is hard to resist in beautiful navy.

Frye booties are the absolute best. Find them locally here, and also check out the Seychelles ones they have in stock. Might have to snap those up...

Now that Baby Talley is getting so big she is outgrowing her little newborn carrier and I am looking to upgrade. I want something bright for the dreary winter months and have my eye on a Sakura Bloom ring sling, it's either this yellow one or this silk one from the Bundle Store. Help me decide!

I am ALL ABOUT the oversize plaid blanket scarf this season. Seriously the bigger the better. Plus it doubles as a baby blanket to wrap around the carrier and a nursing cover. This one from ASOS fits the bill perfectly (especially the price).

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter is a permanent fixture on my nightstand. It's the best I've tried yet, super soothing, gets the job done, and doubles as a lip balm for me. My lip balm on the go is this EOS sweet mint one. OBSESSED.

I can't believe how much better nursing clothing has gotten. I love this dress from the Bundle Store (there is also a top by the same designer that I just got) and this top is so cool you'll wear it even after you're done nursing. Plus it has a great silhouette flattering to those of us who just birthed a human baby and might not have miraculously snapped back into pre-baby shape over the course of two weeks. Plus did you notice the front panel also doubles as a nursing cover too? So great.

As far as nursing bras go, let me share with you the BEST ONE EVER (and trust me, I have tried a LOT of them). This one. You will love it. Buy two so you can wear it when the other one is in the wash, it is that good (even for nighttime nursing).

This puffer vest has nothing to do with nursing, I just love mine from Joules, it's the shawl neck that makes it stand out.

Recently I've rekindled a love affair with a high school favorite of mine, Lancome Definicils mascara, and I can't believe I've been away so long. When your beauty routine needs to be no longer than two minutes, include this old favorite to make that time count.