Why I'm Thankful for Small Businesses

2014_SBSThis Saturday, November 29th is "Small Business Saturday", where people are encouraged to shop at small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The single day has grown into a powerful movement, and more people are taking part than ever before. This year, the big day is Nov 29th, but why should you "Shop Small"? First, shopping at small, local businesses can have a significant impact on the local economy. Businesses pay sales tax to the city and county where the business is located. When patrons make the choice to leave the area to do their shopping, they are supporting areas outside of their own. The money paid to local governments by small, local businesses is used for many things, including the financing of roads, public schools, sidewalks and parks. In addition, those tax dollars help to fund additional public service workers such as police officers and firefighters. Many cities subsidize youth sports leagues that are sponsored by the parks department. The money used to fund such activities comes from taxes, which are paid in part by small local businesses as sales tax revenue.

Small local businesses provide job opportunities for local residents. This can be in the way of part-time help, or full-time management. Local jobs keep the residents in town during their shift, so the advantages extrapolate outward as the employee spends money at the local restaurant during meal breaks, gasses up at the local station to get to work and stops at the local grocery store on the way home at night. The advantage of a small local business employing local residents creates a domino effect that helps the community as a whole.

In addition, small local businesses typically provide better customer service than their large, corporate counterparts. The small business owner often lives in the community, worships, plays sports and socializes with community members, and cares about the individuals who patronize his business. Because of his personal involvement with the community, he will strive to provide the best service possible to customers.

I, myself, am a Small Business. Through those sidebar ads you see to the right of this post and the ads people place in Mamatoga Magazine I am able to keep this website going. If it wasn't for those local small businesses I wouldn't be in business, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity they give me to keep doing what I love doing, and to keep up this site. I shop at their businesses as well, I like to keep the circle of support going (plus I just really, really like all of them). So when you look at those ads, know that those local small businesses also are supporting OTHER small businesses, and that is pretty amazing. So if you like Mamatoga, please consider supporting these businesses as well, and keeping that local support going. It might seem like a "small" decision to "shop small", but it has a huge impact on our community.