my weekend in photos

Sometimes in my working mom life, and in my "being my own boss" life, I have to make some trade offs, and that is always true when it comes to doing the magazine. I love working with Jake from Graphic Precision, not only is he a good friend but he is the best designer, and so we try to get our two crazy schedules together to have a few days to put the magazine together. These few days mean super long hours, morning to night, and all of my attention is devoted to getting it done in time. Sometimes things throw a wrench in those plans, like this week when first Levy got sick, then Jack, but you have to get things done, and so I put the baby in the front carrier, put the sick kids on the couch in front of some Muppets Take Manhattan and made the best of it. Needless to say, it's a tad late BUT will be coming your way today (I promise). When you are done with the Holiday Issue of Mamatoga keep clicking through to see the Premiere Issue of The Saratoga Social Magazine. Robin and I are so excited to share it with you, and it was so fun to put together (I say that now that it's done of course). Now, back to my crazy weekend. Since we got a little derailed it meant work continued into the weekend, but we also had Finn's birthday party planned and the Nutcracker Tea (one of my all time favorite holiday events). I made the cake in between doing edits and welcomed the break from work to watch him celebrate with his friends (and Talley with a party hat on was much needed comic relief). I furiously edited for another few hours till it was Nutcracker Tea time, and it was just as magical this year as it has been since we started going when Levy was two. The kids all sit along the stage and watch the dancers, oohing and ahhing over the costumes (the Sugar Plum Fairies and the Flowers are always a big hit). Levy's ballet instructors from Myers Ballet School were in the performance and Levy practically swooned when "Miss Gabby" waved to her from the stage. This is one of my all time favorite holiday events each year, and bringing Tallis with us this year made it even more special, being able to be there with my Mom and my girls.

Some more weekend highlights included here: the 9 Miles East Farm Pizza (review coming soon on The Saratoga Social), I don't want to give too much away but you MUST TRY this pizza for the family guys, it was amazing, made with local ingredients and actually good for you, plus the kids loved it. You can order it here, such a great idea and so Saratoga that we can get farm to pizza box delivery. I am obsessed.

Look for the Yoicks! feature in the Saratoga Social magazine too, at the very tippy top of my wish list for the holidays is one of their custom Shetland sweaters in the most gorgeous shade of a pinky lavender. It is heavenly. I might also have my eye on the dusty rose Barbour with a corduroy collar too, they were meant to be together, those two.

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