My #1 Gift Pick for Moms 2014

indexOkay ladies (and gents that might be reading to get some hints on what to get), here is my number one gift pick for 2014...

The Lotus Initial Charm necklace from Silverwood Home and Gallery in Saratoga Springs is my top pick for a few reasons. First, it is very affordable, even for me with four letter charms (the gold chains are just $20, silver are $16. Gold and silver charms are both $20). I have loved the look of initial necklaces for a while now, but the ones I covet are always out of my price range. I am also super duper sensitive to nickel in jewelry, and I have more than once bought less expensive jewelry only to be disappointed that I can't wear it because it gives me hives (the worst).

The delicate chain is a very pretty length, not too long and not too short, and the charms sit right below your collarbone so you can see them poking out over a shirt. I wear mine every day, with my four F, L, J and T charms, and it looks sweet with a casual outfit or delicately understated with a cocktail dress or a button down. You can get your own initials, your husband's and your own initials together, just the kids, whatever combo makes you happy.

Every time I see the necklace and charms it makes me smile, and every time I have one of the kids sitting on my lap they always want to find "their" letter on the necklace. For Christmas I also picked one up for Levy with a little L on it. The shorter length looks just perfect on a little girl, and the delicate chain and tiny charm doesn't overwhelm a petite neck. I can't wait for her to open it on Christmas morning so she can see we have a matching set (also getting one for my Mom so all of us can match).

So there you have it, my number one holiday pick for 2014. Affordable, chic & sweet, this set also comes in silver as well. To find out all of my picks for this season visit the Gift Guide page right here. xoxo