Christmas at Witte Farm {2014}

Christmas seemed to come out of nowhere this year, and while I didn't feel ready for it what I was ready for was a little break. My father's farm was the perfect place, and I couldn't have asked for better weather. The farm was built in the 1850s and covers over 100 acres, and we got to spend all day stomping through the fields and skipping stones in the stream. Riding the horses and feeding the chickens, meeting the new emus and chasing the sheep around. The kids braved the brambles to walk up to the woods in the hopes of finding arrowheads (part of the land was once an Iroquois camp). Talley was warm and snug in her carrier and although climbing fences was slightly more difficult with a 17 pound baby strapped to me (she is huge) I loved that she could come along on our little farm adventures without missing a beat (she also got to meet Murphy up close and personal a number of times, my father's giant Irish Wolfhound who was totally enamored by the baby in the sweetest way possible). Horses have always been important in my life, and I don't even remember the first time I got on one to ride, I was so little. There is just something so calming and centering about horses and riding horses for me, and I am so happy that Levy has found that same fondness for horses in her life. Both my mother and my father are life long horse lovers, and I love being able to share it through the generations of our family. When we finally drove home yesterday we were all dirty and tired and happy. We brought back Witte Farm mud on our boots and eggs from their chickens, looking forward to getting back down there as soon as we can. farm

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