Mamatoga Gift Guides 2014: Dad Edition

topapa1. I vote we bring the boater back to Saratoga Springs for August. Find this one by Lock & Co. at Yoicks on Beekman Street in Saratoga.

2. Also at Yoicks, Luke Eyres scarves. Fantastic quality, they will last forever, which is perfect because they will always be a classic style.

3. This watch, this strap.

4. I am in LOVE with this bow tie for the holidays, just enough preppy with just enough pop to make it stand out. Plus it matches this clutch. Just saying. Not a bow tie guy? Comes in a tie too. Done.

5. TOMS Kilgore sunglasses. With every pair of eyewear you purchase, TOMS will help give sight to a person in need. Just perfect.

6. Harry's Deluxe Shaving Kit is so sleek looking you won't mind if it gets left out on the bathroom sink every day.

7. Oh how I love Restoration Hardware, where you can find this adorable (yet somehow rugged, of course) portable power source for his smartphone. Tiny enough to carry on a keychain, it holds enough backup power to enable 30 minutes of talk time. I see myself borrowing this in the future. Many times. Many, many times.

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