Mamatoga Holiday Guide: Favorite Holiday Recipes

holidayrecipes1 For us, the holidays are all about the food. Cookies and snacks, sweet treats and savory favorites. Finn loves a good winter Sunday roast supper, and Levy loves making the sugar cookies. Jack is obsessed, OBSESSED with egg nog (he gets it from me), and Papa pretty much loves all of it. Here are some of our favorites for the holidays, easy dishes that have worked their way into their own spots in the list of family holiday traditions.

Nutella crepes always remind me of being in Paris and being able to get a sweet crepe right there on the street. What is nice about this recipe is that you can customize them pretty easily, you can make one with bananas and whipped cream, one with just strawberries, one with bananas, strawberries AND whipped cream, whatever their little hearts desire.

Rainbow pancakes can be made into these adorable Christmas tree pancakes by making just green ones of different sizes. I can't think of a better (or cuter) Christmas morning breakfast.

Now for the grown ups. Mulled wine is like liquid holiday. It's warm, it's delicious, it makes you want to curl your feet up in front of a roaring fire and listen to Bing Crosby. Plus it is super easy to make AND if you want to save a bunch on ingredients, go to Healthy Living Market and Cafe's bulk section and ask them for their "mulling spices". I think the last time I bought some it cost me less than $2.

Need another grown up drink idea? How about Apple Pie Sangria? You're welcome.

Party popcorn is SO easy and comes out SO cute, just substitute the rainbow sprinkles for some gold or red and green for the perfect holiday movie night treat.

Finally, the cookies. Try out some traditional gingerbread men with a twist by either making these sweet little jockeys (best Saratoga Springs party treat ever?) or make one for each family member. The kids will love decorating "their" cookie!

My go to cookie recipe that never fails, the easiest sugar cookies ever. cookie For more holiday goodies, head to the complete Mamatoga Holiday Guide, and find even more fun in the Mamatoga Magazine Holiday Issue! xoxo