my weekend in photos

We got a late start on the holiday stuff but we tried to make up for it this weekend, Jack saw Santa at his cottage on Broadway (didn't go quite as planned, but a post visit treat soothed that well enough), we put up our tree, and made dozens and dozens of cookies (including my annual dachshund cookie for my dachshund loving Witte family). Levy, Jack and my mother and I went to North Country Horses to "deck the stalls" and we put up strung cranberries and bows for a lovely Rerun horse named Joy and brought homemade horse shaped sugar cookies for everyone at the barn. I sat down and wrote out every single Christmas card all in one shot one morning. I wasn't going to do cards, I didn't think I had enough time, but Tiny Prints came to my rescue and we got our cards ahead of time. I only changed my mind about doing cards after the holiday cards from friends started arriving at the house, and I remembered how much I love the tradition of friends and family writing to each other, sending well wishes, photos of adorable kiddos and families together. We didn't have any photos of all of us on hand so I put together a few of our favorite snapshots from the past year for our card, and I was so impressed with Tiny Prints and their super fast (and high quality) service.

I want to wish all of you the warmest and happiest of holidays, and a healthy and safe New Year. This year hasn't finished out exactly as I had expected, but in so many ways it has renewed my passion about writing this blog, revived my sometimes flagging faith in people, and the anxiety and stress of the past couple of months has been totally overwhelmed by the absolute sweetest and most appreciated positivity from all of you. I want to send out so much love and light to all of you this season, may you have smiles and cheer and cookies and holiday magic and happy kiddos, happy families. Love you. xoxo