Best Winter Baby Item EVER

winterbabyBundling a baby, not the easiest thing to do, you worry about them being too hot, or too cold if they aren't bundled enough. Enter merino wool, aka the best thing EVER for winter baby bundling. With millions of tiny air pockets, merino wool is the perfect insulator since it creates its own "microclimate" around the body with unique temperature regulating qualities. It keeps you warm when it's cold, and cool when it's warm. Think long underwear but softer, warmer, and more comfortable (YES even more comfortable than long underwear).


Babies and children have a higher surface area to mass ratio than adults so thermal regulation for them is even more important. Merino wool also breathes and is able to wick moisture away from the skin. It can actually absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling clammy or wet to touch. It then releases this moisture into the atmosphere to keep the wearer feeling warm and dry. This ensures the layer between the merino and your baby's skin remains dry and rash free.

Synthetic fleece is warm but doesn't breathe easily like the merino wool does. The merino also has tiny overlapping scales which case the wool fiber. They're hydrophobic (water resistant), like tiles on a roof, which allows wool to repel liquid spills with ease. When it does get wet it stays warm, unlike cotton and synthetics. This wool isn't scratchy like you might imagine, but is super soft and fine. Naturally fire retardant, it's safe for children. Merino also has high UV protection, defending against the harsh sun.

nui-organics-merino-wool-balaclava-pink_large The first piece I bought was a Nui Organic merino wool balaclava for Talley (pictured above, all of the items pictured are Nui Organics). I saw it at The Bundle Store and besides being super cute in a beautiful shade of rose pink, it has kept her nice and toasty warm and is remarkably thin for something that keeps her so warm. The best part of the balaclava is that it covers her head, ears, AND goes down and covers her neck, a million times better than just a hat and it never falls off. The balaclava has quickly become my number one suggestion for winter babies and kids, and now I am quickly building a whole merino wool wardrobe for all the kids.


Find Nui Organics locally at The Bundle Store and their full range is online right here. Also check out my picks for best winter clothing item and accessory. Stay warm out there! xoxo