{even more} Perfect Pinterest Printables

printables One of my most popular posts is a simple round up of great (free) Pinterest Printables, chore charts, decor and more. I STILL get emails about that Princess chore chart (sorry folks, that one is gone) so I thought I would revisit this very popular parenting topic and round up some more of my favorite free printables for kids and parents that I found while wasting time using my time valuably on Pinterest.

First up, the cutest chore chart ever. Get toddlers on the helping out bandwagon with this chart that doesn't even require reading. Plus, it doubles as an activity! Once they are done with a particular chore they can color it in, or they can just cross it off their list if they're not in a coloring mood.

This play clock is also great for the preschool set. Pick out a few times for them to learn, like breakfast, nap time (fingers crossed!) and bedtime and help them set the clock each day when that time rolls around. If you are super crafty and have magnetic sheets you can even slap it on your fridge.

For the bigger kids (can also be used with little kids as well) this polka dotted chore chart is cheery and fun, can be laminated, and is just plain cute. Easily customizable, you can change it up weekly or monthly with this one. And I'm a sucker for a preppy pink and green, this chore chart is just downright pretty.

chores pink-and-green-chore-chart-791x1024

Routine! With four kids routine is my best friend, and I like to run a fairly tight ship, especially on school days. Besides, routines help give kids a sense of security and helps them develop self-discipline. It's good for them! This simple routine chart helps them know what they need to get done for the day so you don't need to be barking orders at them while throwing together lunchbox items and finding missing socks.


Now that the chores are done let's find some cute stuff to put on your walls. Have a Star Wars fan in your house? This super cute printable is FREE. Yes. In three different colors. And how sweet are these rules for kids? A nice reminder for those days when your children are more enemies than friends. And that map? FREE!


Now for a few educational printables. First up, this counting mat can be used in a ton of ways. First, your child could color the number and the animals, practicing number identification and number writing or get out play dough and make the number and then roll dots for each animal for a hands on way to practice counting. Scale the pdf file down and use them as smaller flashcards, or print it out full size and use as posters when your child is learning each number! All free.

These handwriting pages are great for little hands just starting to learn, print out as many as your little writer needs. Finally, it's a fact that now everyone knows at least one Frozen obsessed child. Click here for this Frozen preschool printable activities pack, totally free.


Finally, my NUMBER ONE free printable guy, the BEST, is Made By Joel. My kids love his paper cities (I have to admit I like playing with them too, I mean, a paper Paris?? Come on. The cutest). They are a great rainy day play activity, in fact his whole entire site is just amazing. Besides the paper cities he has free coloring sheets, crafts, just a ton of really creative, unique stuff you won't find anywhere else. Love that guy!

Made-by-Joel-Paper-City-Paris-4Made-by-Joel-Winter-House-Paper-City-Scene-3 Made-by-Joel-Paper-City-Vehicles-2

Now go crank up that printer and get started! Remember, for the original Perfect Pinterest Printables, click right here, enjoy! xoxo