Introducing the MINI CITY {Saratoga} Guide!

minicity When I first moved to Saratoga almost 7 years ago now I knew absolutely nothing (and no one). I didn't know which restaurants were kid friendly, where the parks were, which shops were stroller friendly, nada. Now that I've been around for a while I've gotten to know the tips and tricks, and I want to share them with everyone, whether you are new to the city, new to parenting, or just want to know which restaurants have high chairs or a changing table in the bathroom, even which spots might be breastfeeding friendly.

Think of the Mamatoga Mini City Guide as a Yelp for toddlers, a Zagats for the school aged set. The guide itself will be part of the Spring Issue of Mamatoga Magazine and will be updated yearly, but there will also be a corresponding online feature where YOU can leave reviews that will be part of a helpful (and positive) guide for parents and grandparents in our beautiful city that will also help grow and strengthen the parenting community we have created here together. It will cover restaurants, shops, events, parks, playgrounds, and more. Even better? There will be a mobile friendly app version as well!

Want to be sure your business is part of it? Email me at Jenny (at) for info on how to be included. I can't wait to share this with everyone! xoxo