Mamatoga Review: Oh Baby Foods

ohbabyWhile strolling the baby and kiddo aisle at Healthy Living Market and Cafe, picking up some organic baby oatmeal for Talley, these adorably packaged baby food pouches by Oh Baby Foods caught my eye. And then once I read the description, they REALLY caught my eye and next thing I know I was loading up my cart with every flavor they had on the shelf. Why, you ask? What makes these different? Let's start with LavenBerry, which has fresh flavors of apples and beets with a dollop of cranberry and a hint of lavender flower in a textured puree. Lavender flower! In a baby food! Talley needed this. Plus even better, the apples are organic, as are the beets, cranberries and even the lavender flower is organic.


photoI also picked up their Wise Punkin (sweet potato, apricot, and pumpkin in a textured puree with a touch of calming sage), AmazeMint (apples, spinach, kale, and a sprig of spearmint in a textured puree), Pearfecto (pears and warming ginger in a smooth puree), and their Basil Babe (apple and kale with a hint of basil in a smooth puree).

Before I set up my Talley Test Kitchen I hopped online and read more about Oh Baby. First, they are the very first baby food company in the world to have all of their products verified through the Non-GMO Project and their purees are certified organic through the USDA’s NOP (National Organic Program) by Oregon Tilth. They buy their ingredients from regional sources as often as possible (meaning an ingredient grown within 400 miles of their kitchen) and 100% of their fruits, veggies, and herbs are grown by US farmers and the pouches are BPA free. Even better, the company was founded by a mom who wanted to create some delicious and healthy baby food for her little girl.

ohbaby2Now, what about these herbs, why put herbs in baby food? For one thing, it helps to expand baby's palate, but they also encourage normal digestion for little bellies, and their recipes went through several renditions before being finalized with a national food scientist who specializes in baby food.

So the true test was, would the baby like them? She didn't like them, she LOVED them. I think her favorite was the LavenBerry and the Pearfecto. I love the idea of serving the Lavenberry as a soothing dinner, and really never thought I would get a baby to eat beets. I had to try them out myself too, those flavor combinations were just too intriguing to resist, and my favorite might be the Amazement with the Basil Babe a close second. The flavor profiles are subtle enough for little babies but I could definitely detect the herbs and that little blend of flavors made these hands down the tastiest baby foods I have ever sampled.

Finding products like this in a local store is why I love Healthy Living Market and Cafe (that adorable bunny bowl is also from their baby and kids aisle). Find the complete selection there at the shop, Talley gives it two very chubby and adorable thumbs up. Enjoy! xoxo