My Mom Life: Marisa Flynn

mcOur first mom up in the second series of My Mom Life is Marisa Flynn, mom to Charlotte. Many thanks to Marisa for taking the time to answer these questions and give us a peek into her Mom Life. What is your typical schedule like during the week?

Marisa: 5:30am or 6am – Rise and Shine!  Pump, coffee, wash bottles, get lunch prepped. While I am doing that my husband is getting our daughter, changing her and warming her bottle and feeding her. I play with Charlotte while he hops in the shower and then we switch. 7:30am – Bryan leaves for work 8:15am – Charlotte and I leave for work.  I drop Charlotte off at daycare and am at the office by 8:50am. 5:00pm – Bryan leaves work and picks up Charlotte 5:30pm – I leave work 6pm – Tubby time!  This is my favorite time of the day!  We then play, read, snuggle and she typically falls asleep by 7:30/8pm. Once kiddo falls asleep - we have dinner. We both fall asleep on the couch by 9pm. So much for binge watching our favorite shows!  Our DVR is running out of room! Wake up at around 11pm – I pump again, give Charlotte one last feeding and we all head to bed.  Our dog, Dax, has been in bed long before us!

marisa marisa5Do you have time for yourself? What do you do during that time?

I actually have more time to myself than I thought I would at this point!  Charlotte is a GREAT sleeper and my husband and I share equal duty.  We both allow each other time to get ready in the morning.  Taking that 30-45 minutes of time for a nice hot shower and “putting my face on” is so appreciated.  I have been going to Fitness Artist for over a year and they were a big help in keeping me healthy during my pregnancy.  I am not able to go as often as I like, but I have a standing appointment each Saturday morning to get my butt kicked!

What do you find tricky about your current set-up/schedule? What would you change if you could?

Wish family was closer!  Everyone is at least 2 hours away.  Makes for some tricky scheduling and always includes an overnight but we love having them visit.  FaceTime is a must!

mc2 marisa4What do you like best about your current set-up/schedule?

Before Charlotte, my career was everything.  I was unsure how having a kid would change my view of that and the importance I put on work.  I am pleasantly surprised that the two complement each other really well.  I work hard to provide a great life for our family and also try to set an example for her of what she can one day accomplish and hopefully more!  We are 99.9999% sure we are a one and done family, so having her in a day care (North Country Academy – Saratoga) that we love, and allowing her spend time with other children is key for us!  We want her to have amazing friendships from an early age and know what it’s like to interact with other children.  I would never want her to feel like she is missing out on that sibling connect as a child.  I am so glad she has a lot of cousins close in age!

What are some of your top must have products for the parenting part of your life? What are some non-mom must haves?

Fisher Price Newborn Rock n’ Sleeper – My Little Snuggabunny: We take this everywhere with us!  Charlotte slept in this by our bed for the first month and naps in it at home every day!  Great for taking to a friend’s house and she is able to sit/lay at an angle to play with books and toys.  Folds up easy and is able to be stashed without a problem!

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump: We started pumping exclusively at around one month old.  It’s just what worked best for our family and our situation and this pump is amazing!  She is small and efficient.  I take it with me to work every day and am able to stash it in my tote without a problem!

Stella and Dot – How Does She Do It Navy Ikat Tote: My new work bag! This bag easily fits my lunch, pump and accessories, wallet, glasses and some miscellaneous kid items. Plus it’s a washable fabric in case we have an accident with Charlotte AND I love the color, goes great with everything! I also recently just got the get-a-way tote for overnights.  Fits a ton of clothes for me and our little lady!

My lip balm that I get at Spa Cascada – always on me! Image Skin care Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex

iPhone and iPad with increased iCloud storage…can’t miss a moment to capture our little lady in photos and videos!

What advice would you give to other moms about how to balance work and life?

I am the one that needs the advice!  The only promise I made to myself is that I will try my best to focus on what I am doing while I am doing it.  If I am at work, that is my focus.  When I am home, family is the focus.  I would like about 7 more hours each day!


Do you ever wonder how other women manage the juggle? Do you think people are open about it?

I stopped asking that question years ago, I never seemed to find the answer that helped me.  Most of our friends are in a situation where one of them is the stay at home parent and have family close by.  We both have full time jobs and unfortunately our family is not local to the area, so it was really difficult to figure out what works for them and how it would work for us.  I have to admit when we were getting ready to welcome Charlotte, I was really nervous about the juggle and what that would actually look like.  Granted, we are only 4.5 months into this adventure, but it’s not as bad as I thought.  Did I mention how happy I am to be able to drink coffee again?

Do you find it hard or difficult at all to stay connected to friends/people in your life now that you have kids? Do you find there is any gap or gulf in between you and the friends/people in your life that don’t have kids? Any tips on how to stay connected to those people?

I do find seeing friends is tough now that we have our daughter.  We try really hard to keep in touch, thank goodness for text messages!  What used to be a weekly outing has now turned into monthly at best.  I also crave days we can just stay home and relax together as a family.  Jammies, good food and snuggles – my favorite!

What is one thing you’ve realized/learned about motherhood that no one ever told you before you had kids?

It’s amazing how you find the energy.  How you could be completely shot and exhausted, and she will need something and before my mind can even register the request my body is moving and in action taking care of her.

I also learned how much a little coo or laugh from her 15lb body could mean.  It moves me to tears watching her grow and change and I love every minute we are together. I am also realizing that being a mom is challenging me to be the best version of myself.  I am looking at myself not just through my own experiences, but now through the gorgeous blue eyes of my daughter.  I want her to see a great person.

If you had an extra hour in the day you would spend it…?

Hands down – no question - reading and playing with Charlotte.  Now if only she would stay awake for it!

Is there anything you find yourself doing as a parent that you swore you would never do before you had kids?

Can I answer this in a few months after the kid is mobile?  HA – not yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion this will change!