My Mom Life: Little Tips

tipsWhen I first became a mom I scoured message boards online for tips on what types of bottles to use, then what types of sippy cups worked best. How to get them to sleep through the night, which diapers were best, everything. I was the first of my friends to have kids and I needed HELP. Help on the little things, the little tips and tricks, the mom hacks, the advice that girlfriends give each other over playdates. Now that I am a mom of four I have amassed my own little library of tips for what works for us, but even though I have 8 years of parenting under my belt (a mere drop in the bucket really), I still love when friends share their little tips, new products they have found, new advice, things they have learned, so as part of the My Mom Life series I want YOU to share your favorite piece of advice, big or small. It can be a product you love, an experience that you learned from, or just something simple. Selected tips will be shared in the upcoming issues of Mamatoga Magazine. To read more about My Mom Life, click here. xoxo