#1 Winter Skin Tip {that's actually perfect for summer}

indexThis super duper easy DIY is great year round (love it in summer) but it's especially needed in winter when skin can get dry and itchy and just downright neglected under all those layers. The recipe couldn't be simpler, but it makes your skin feel like you've just gotten back from a spa. Ingredients and Directions:

1 cup granulated white sugar

A few tablespoons of coconut oil to blend the sugar and the oil together (this amount is adjusted to make the scrub blend just smooth enough to scoop into your fingers without being too liquid to make it slip through, make it grainier if you need more exfoliation)

A few drops of essential oil for fragrance, I love the Body Shop's Vanilla perfume oil but any scented oil you prefer will do, jasmine is also really pretty

Just add these things together, mix it in a shatterproof cup (no glass in the shower with oily hands!) with your fingers while you are in the shower and scrub everywhere. After you rinse off you won't even need a moisturizer because you'll have super soft skin already scented with your favorite fragrance. Be sure to rinse the tub after you use this though, if you make it too oily it can make the tub a little slippery. xoxo