Go Ahead, Treat Yourself (Current Wish List)

indexYou deserve a little treat, we all do. Here is my current wish list (including some items I've already picked up just because...) First off, can we just FORGET about low rise jeans?! Enough tugging pants up that are falling below the line of decency. I'm embracing the high waisted (normal waisted? I don't even know anymore) jean and this is my first pair into the brave (more comfortable) new world.

I am not a water drinker. Like, I don't do it at all. But I SHOULD (hi I spent a week in the hospital with kidney stones, what did they keep saying? DRINK WATER). The other day at Spa Cascada I picked up a bottle of Pure Inventions Health and Wellness water (the tranquility version) and I am so hooked. Just a dropper into a plain glass of water makes it not only totally drinkable, it makes it totally enjoyable and totally good for you.

Forget thinking spring, I'm already thinking summer with this tunic top from J.Crew. Throw a blazer over it for now and wait for those ginormous snow mounds to melt.

Readers, meet Justin's Maple Almond Butter. It will change your life slash make you a total addict who makes a trip to Healthy Living Market and Cafe just for a jar because you NEED a spoonful.

Speaking of Spa Cascada, I am in love with my pedicure, I went with a green which wasn't my usual style and I think I'm going to do it again (Essie's Fall in Line).

These cuff bracelets are spring. Those pastels, I could just put them on a cone and eat them up.

Maybe it's the whole high waisted jeans and tunic vibe, but I am digging this leather headband.

Sparkling Cabernet Sauvignon? Oui, s'il vous plaƮt! (Mas de Daumas Gassac Rose Frizant from Healthy Living Market and Cafe Divine Wines, perfect for V-Day, no?)

I love my slouchy woven bin from Target so much (in our house it holds baby pajamas) I might just go back and snag another one, since it also comes in turquoise, so, you know...

Baby Talley and I had such a relaxing and just downright pleasant afternoon at baby yoga yesterday I can't wait to go back. The space at Rise Yoga & Movement Arts Center is just beautiful (see their plant wall installation in the photo below and just breathe in) and the class had the best laid back vibe, exactly what you want from a mommy (dads are welcome too) and baby yoga class. Essentially, it was exactly what I have needed after a not so great past few months. If you have a baby (or are expecting one) and want to come try it come by on Thursdays at 3 and see what I mean.

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