Baby to Big Girl Bed: Kids Style

bigkidsroom Make the transition from baby to big girl bed as sweetly as possible with these gorgeous girl's room decor picks. Clockwise from top left:

I WISH they had this sneaker print sheet set when I was a little girl, OMG I would have loved this. Serena and Lily

Okay add this rainbow pillow to that list as well, 6 year old me would have treasured this happy little room accessory. Land of Nod

These tiny hippos will keep her new book collection all neat and organized (and bonus, they can double as some little friends to play with). Serena and Lily

I recently bought these wall decals for both my girls and they are so well made with such a great color selection. Etsy

If you have a girly girl like I do who loves bows, this Bibie Bow Holder can be hung on the back of the door (where Leven has her's hung) or on the wall and it is C-U-T-E, let me tell you (and actually holds a lot of bows). Beaufort Bonnet Company

Another recent addition to my 6 year old's room is this swan laundry hamper. On the sides are two handles which can actually be folded down to make tossing clothes in easier. Fold the handles back up to carry. It is light enough to carry for my little girl and she can help out and bring her laundry to the laundry room herself (still working on having her fold and put it away though...) 3 Sprouts

This pretty purple quilt has tiny details like the running contrast stitch that take it from basic to simply beautiful. Serena and Lily

Stock up on some great girl reads, like old school Nancy Drews and new school Ivy and Bean (both awesome mysteries for girls). If you need help finding age appropriate books for your little reader, ask one of the super friendly booksellers at Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga (Jennifer is the one who directed us to Ivy and Bean and now Levy is obsessed!)

Ugh this dip dyed stool, I want like ten of them. Find it here or find a DIY here if you are crafty like that.

Blablas just make me happy. Blabla

Do you have a little pony lover in your house? This pillow cover has the sweetest horse print on it (they have a whole line with this print too). Little Augie Home