Best Baby Feeding Item EVER

indexBaby Talley is turning 6 months tomorrow and is ALL ABOUT food, she seriously eyes me as I eat a sandwich and just baby food isn't cutting it. So I went to Target and got one of those mesh bag feeders, the kind where you stuff food into it and snap it closed and they get to eat it through the mesh. Sounds great, right? She enjoyed it, got her banana fix in, but then I tried to clean it and remembered why I HATE those mesh bag feeders. There is literally NO way to get them totally clean. I hand washed it, I used the sprayer, I scraped each bit of banana off of one by one, I put it in the dishwasher, and it was still gross. There was just no way to get them totally clean, and I eventually threw them out. Sorry Talley, no more banana till you can eat it by yourself I guess. A few weeks later I was at The Bundle Store and saw the Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder and immediately grabbed it off the shelf. "Is this like those mesh ones?" I asked Amber excitedly as I waved it in front of her face. "Yes, but better", she said, as she explained that the silicone is way easier to clean and feels better on your baby's mouth. Sold. I couldn't wait to bring it home and let Tal have a go at it.

First, the pros. The ergonomic handle is easy for babies to grasp, and the holes are big enough that whatever you put in there doesn't actually have to be pureed. You can stuff little slices of banana, peas, chunks of avocado (the banana + avocado combo is Talley's favorite), berries, whatever inside the silicone pod and then the silicone and a ring shaped piece snap back on to the handle (you can also use it with frozen food for teething babies!). The handle has a part that pushes the food up into the pod and through the tiny holes.

boonsYou can even use this to make baby popsicles, just put the cap in a plastic sandwich bag and hold the plastic snug against the holes and fill with a little yogurt or smoothie, insert the handle, freeze and remove the plastic bag gently with warm water. Nice and cold for those sore teething gums!

The only "con" isn't really a con, more of a tip, that if you overfill the pod the ring won't snap back into place. When I first tried it I really overfilled it and the pod came off as Talley tried it and I thought I was doing it wrong, it turns out you need to really hear the snap of it going back onto the handle to know it is on there securely, and it is just a matter of putting a smaller amount in. Once it is on there securely it is on there though, so it really isn't a problem and once you know the right amount it is super easy to use.

avoThe pulp feeder is BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free and the best part might be how easy it is to clean. In like a tenth of the time it took to try and clean the mesh bags I got this thing perfectly clean, really just by rinsing it and rubbing it gently with my fingers. It is dishwasher safe, and the slicone mesh can also be boiled or sterilized.

Two thumbs up from me and from Talley, she absolutely loves her little snacks and I love the relief it gives her poor little teething mouth. Find them locally at The Bundle Store! xoxo