ikealoveOne of the stores I WISH we had up here was IKEA, picture me running through the huge aisles Sound of Music style, arms outstretched, singing happily as I grab inexpensive items off the perfectly pristine Swedish shelves. Now, if you are new to IKEA and think it is all futons and hard to put together shelves, let me tell you about the kids and baby stuff. It is THE BEST. When my oldest was little, before my mom moved up here from NJ we would do a huge IKEA shopping trip at the Paramus store, and I would stock up on their simple wooden toys and trains, I got him an art easel and paper, kids cutlery, everything. But since she moved up north to the frozen tundra Saratoga we don't get down there as often, but I have filled my IKEA fix online. Yes, ONLINE SHOPPING FROM IKEA.

clockwise l-r (all available online):

We got Finn one of these trucks like 8 years ago and it is still going strong. I consider it a personal best that I still have all the parts.

This baby gym is great because you can easily move it from room to room, floor to crib, you can even bring it with you if you're going to grandma's house. Plus, the little toys that hang from it can be taken out easily and replaced with other toys, I usually attach those carseat toys that have a velcro loop to this and Talley goes crazy, or you can take a couple out and just leave one if your baby needs a down day at the gym.

We don't have this cash register YET but it is on my list, you don't need batteries because the fully functional calculator runs on solar cells (I know, the Swedish think of everything). It also comes with play money the kids can color and customize themselves.

This little shape sorter house is so super cute it looks adorable on your shelf, it's definitely one of those toys you'll want to leave out rather than stuff it into a toy box. This is another item we have had since Finn was little. Do I have all the pieces still? Yes I do (I might be a little OCD about finding/keeping toy pieces, just maybe).

Their duvet covers are so unbelievably inexpensive but have the sweetest designs. All three of my bigger kids have IKEA comforters (the smaller toddler sized ones are beyond cute).

The tea set! How fab is this tea set?! Cute without being cutesy, this set has the sweetest pale pastel colors so it is pretty without being too "girls only", my boys love it too.

The Holy Grail of Ikea toys has to be this train set. We STILL have our original one, and I've added a bunch of pieces along the way. A simple yet well made little set, you won't believe the price on this (the 20 piece basic set is under ten bucks, seriously).

I am a big connoisseur of play food, and IKEA has it nailed. Their soft food is great for smaller kids or older kids, and the one set comes with bowtie pasta, fish, eggplant...not your average play food.

A pretty and practical stacking toy for babies, this is another minimal designed piece with bright colors that you will want to leave out on display.

As a little sweet treat with the tea set, this little cupcake grouping is adorable, and again with these prices you can stock up their entire play kitchen without breaking the {real} bank.

Finally, the high chair. Now, I'm not a fan of high chairs. We never got Jack one, we just used a portable high chair that we strapped to a seat at our table (which he still uses now as a booster seat). They get in the way, they are hard to clean, I just wasn't into them. Until I saw this one. Minimal, totally Swedish sleek design, this simple white high chair just spoke to me. Plain without being boring, it is SO easy to take apart and store and a breeze to clean. Plus it's under twenty bucks. SOLD.