My Little Local Valentine's Picks

pop-corn-valentineI have to admit, I love Valentine's Day. It comes right at the exact moment that I am SO OVER WINTER and itching for spring, it is like a little pink chocolate coated bright spot amidst slushy grey snow skies that reminds me how lucky I am to have so much love in my life. And a day that is all about love is something we need more of in this world. I also love to give little gifts, little surprise tokens of my affections, nothing major or overdone, just a few sweet little things to brighten the day. This year I have my sights set on a few local goodies, first here are some great book choices from Jennifer at Northshire, and below find my absolute favorite little love tokens, all can be found locally in Saratoga Springs...xoxo

It's okay to fall over from cuteness overload when you look at this Maileg mouse in a box. I bought one of these for my daughter years ago, a little matchbox "bed" complete with a tiny mattress, pillow and blanket and you tuck the little mousy into bed, OMG SO CUTE. File this under "Toys I Wish I Had Growing Up". I would have cherished this! This one is on my list for her because of the ridiculously adorable floral print and tutu the mouse is wearing. Seriously it's like 6 year old me dreamed this up and delivered it so I could give it to my own daughters. Lex & Cleo has an assortment of little Maileg mice (including some "boy" mice as well and some "baby" mice for those of you with a soon to be big brother or sister, Jack is a huge mouse fan too). This is the kind of toy you remember having when you grow up, trust me. Oh and the mouse is wearing tights. TIGHTS, people.

flowermousegetimage.aspxNext up I have two food items, one for the whole family and one I suggest you "save" for just you and your sweetheart (aka eat after the kids are in bed with a nice glass of champagne). First, these customizable sweetheart cookies (also come in a gluten free version!) from Healthy Living Market and Cafe. Get the kids names put on them for the cutest little surprise. You MUST order these by Feb. 12th though, click here or call them at 518-306-4900.

10906353_745647238876605_6651237555888186888_nFinally, this is the one you're going to want for yourself and your sweetheart. If you STILL have not tried the macarons from TC Paris Bakery, make this Valentine's Day macaron day because these are the best macarons you will find this side of Paris. They are unlike any other sweet treat out there and just thinking about them right now is making me want to stop everything and drive over there. Plus these are just the loveliest little things with the sweetheart messages on them. Might I also suggest the Rum Celebration Cake (you are welcome and I'm sorry because you will be an addict like me). Pre-Order your Valentine's Day gifts by calling the store at 518-306-4315.

10471569_848436655218702_6300243036086665338_nSending you all so much love...xoxo