My Latest Etsy Obsessions

index9 times out of 10 when someone asks me where I got something my answer is Etsy. Shopping on Etsy has moved past a leisure activity and into a full blown obsession. I LOVE finding new shops on Etsy and I love it when I can find exactly what I am looking for (a golf themed toddler pillowcase? No problem). Clockwise from top left:

When Jack turned 3 I wanted to find some special cookie cutters for the occasion. I found this three and the hedgehog one also pictured for $2.50 each.

Speaking of Jack, he is OBSESSED with golf. Like, it's all he talks about. And after a rather unfortunate bout with the stomach flu his favorite pillowcase was toast, so I went on Etsy to see what I could find and lo and behold there was a personalized GOLF pillowcase, and it even came in toddler size! I wound up going with the full size anyway because it was too cute and he loves it.

When Alice Corey did our newborn shoot for Baby Talley she brought along the cutest baby headband bows known to man. I practically begged her to tell me where she got them and then proceeded to buy about forty of them.

(center) These personalized hair bows for girls are the sweetest gift (I also have every color for Levy and Talley) and the woman that makes them is also super sweet.

You guys know how much I love monogramming, these seersucker pajama pants make me feel slightly more pulled together when I'm standing in front of the coffee maker in the morning willing it to work faster.

Another great gift, these monogrammed bibs are too cute and such great quality. The one I have for the baby has been through the wash about a hundred times since and it has held up so well. I keep this one in the baby bag so I can pop it on her when we are out.


Clockwise from top left:

This baby headwrap is the sweetest in a beautiful vibrant red, it makes me smile every time I put it on Tal.

Lilly Pulitzer boppy? YES PLEASE.

Okay it's possible I might have a slight overbuying problem when it comes to baby headwraps. This one from Positively Oakes is also a big favorite.

Super duper affordable wall art, print these out and pop into the frame of your choice, t voilĂ !

I got these wall decals for the girls and they came out so great and were very easy to put up (I went with a pink green combo and a blue purple combo for ours).