Mom Style Files: FIT MOM 2015

fitmomNew year, new Mom Style Files. The first upgrade I did was for the Prep Mom and this one is a re-do of the Sporty Mom, meet THE FIT MOM. Clockwise from top left:

Don't give the Fit Mom the side-eye when she talks about vegetti. She is merely waxing poetic on the newest health craze, swapping out the carb heavy spaghetti for a healthier veggie "pasta" (ed. note: not actually pasta)

Skinny vanilla lattes are so 2009, we are all drinking matcha tea now. Get with the program.

Barre SO hard

Fit mom fast food: 9 Miles East Pizza (get the kale caesar and a kombucha soda for you)

Green juice is a MUST. Bonus points for it being from a local woman-run business like Clarity Juice. Find it here.

On the Fit Mom wishlist? Tory Burch fitbit bracelet.

A water bottle so pretty you'll always want it with you (plus this is the one Gisele totes to and from yoga)

The biggest Fit Mom status symbol? The jogging stroller. This time of year you can bundle those kids up and take a brisk jog down Avenue of the Pines, Fit Mom multitasking at it's absolute finest.

Ch-ch-ch-chia! Now you aren't going to grow a Scooby Doo plant on your windowsill, this time you're going to eat it. SUPERFOODS, people!

fitmomClockwise from top left:

Monogrammed tennis skirt, a must for running after tennis balls fired at you by Miss Gwen at McGregor Links Country Club

Apr├Ęs Tennis drink? Skip the Skinny Girl, the real skinny cocktail is a vodka soda with a twist of lime. Under 100 calories. Done and done. Sip it overlooking the 18th hole at the new Druthers.

Because every situation calls for a little humor.

Yoga to make you look better naked? Okay as long as you don't have to do THAT pose in the buff.

The only thing to make this bike cuter is this bike basket.