Outtakes {aka my not so pretty weekend in pictures}

Last week was one of those weeks. Four out of six of us were sick (two of us still are), like, sick enough to go to Urgent Care. While I was driving back from dropping off an ill Sean to Urgent Care last Friday, Jack threw up all over himself and his car seat, the car, some on the window, etc. Then the baby went in to the doctor and we found out she had her first ear infection. This was after Jack took a trip himself to Urgent Care for an emergency ultrasound to rule out appendicitis (wasn't the case, thankfully). All in the same Friday. TGIF amirite?!

Two sleepless nights followed, and I mean ZERO sleep. First up with a vomiting and crying Jack and then up with a cranky baby. My relationship with and love for coffee grew even more than I thought it could, and by Sunday a few of us were ready to get out of the house so we ventured to a local Maple Weekend at a nearby farm. Jack was so excited for his pony ride, and as he waited I instructed him how to put his hands into his little pockets, I had forgotten his gloves and it was chilly out. Nearby at the petting zoo the pig had decided to come out of his little pen and Jack made a mad dash to try to pet the pig, but after he started running and before he could get his hands out of his pockets he face planted directly on a patch of ice, cutting his cheek open. So there we were, his face bleeding, scratched up from the ice, swelling immediately, and I can't even pick him up because I have the baby in the sling, without so much as a tissue to wipe the blood away.

It was rough, but in true toddler fashion he dusted himself off and got on that pony and enjoyed himself, and he even smiled when we got the seat by the tractor on the hayride.

The weekend would not be complete without the hot water heater deciding it wanted to give up on life and a subsequent dent appeared in my bank account. While at Home Depot picking out a new one (so fun guys, if you've never perused the hot water heater aisle at Home Depot with sick kids with you, it's a MUST DO) Jack decided he was over the entire thing and went into noodle mode on the floor for about ten minutes.

I needed perspective.

While I was cleaning puke off the car seats straps (YAY!) I was reminded of a quote I had seen on Pinterest what feels like a million years ago about being grateful for dirty dishes. And I realized I was grateful for my not so great weekend. My experience was a mere drop in the bucket compared to what some families must go through. While social media and blogs (even this one sometimes) might make it seem like everything is peaches and cream, we all know it isn't, especially with parenting. There is snot and puke and exhaustion and crying (both the kids and your own). There are rough days and tough days and days you think will never end.

But I am grateful for little snotty noses that get wiped on my shirt. I am grateful for dirty diapers. I am grateful for amoxicillin and Paw Patrol on repeat. I am grateful for little napping toddlers who fall asleep on me.

So here it is guys, my not so pretty weekend in pictures. xoxo

IMG_1748IMG_1731IMG_1808IMG_1809IMG_1829Screenshot 2015-03-31 13.04.27