Mamatoga Must Have {Accessory}

littlethingsSometimes the things that make the biggest difference in your routine are little things, maybe even shall I say slightly obvious things, the kinds of things that make you say to yourself, "How did I not think of that?!".

Sometimes it's another mom that points these things out to you and you are forever grateful for the advice. For me, that little thing was the Wet Bag.

Now, some of you right now are like A DUH Mamatoga. But some of you might be like, wet bag? Let me explain the beauty of the wet bag.

First off, I didn't even discover these until I tried cloth diapering with my second child. Wet bags, like the adorable ones pictured above from The Bundle Store, have sealed seams for no leaks and no odors (plus these have zippers instead of velcro) so you can put anything in there: diapers, swim suits, wet clothes, basically anything that is a gross mess that you can't deal with while you are out and with the wet bag it won't get all over your bag, the rest of your stuff, your car, or you.

I rediscovered these after I spent a summer putting wet swim suits into used Target bags and would get annoyed when, without fail, at least once or twice a week the Target bag would have a hole (and why wouldn't a used plastic grocery bag have a hole in it?? But I digress...) and the entire beach bag would wind up with that particularly funky wet odor that would linger for weeks.

It helps that these wet bags also have the sweetest prints on them (the WHALES!!) and they are as cute as they are functional.

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