My Newest Obsession

pineappleI don't know much about why I love pineapples besides the fact that they just make me happy, and that is enough for me. A quick google search tells me that the pineapple has long been a symbol of hospitality, and to give the pineapple as a gift conveys your intention to promote friendliness and graciousness to the recipient, so what would be better for home decor and fun accessories?! Click the links below to find the pineapple goodness pictured above.

clockwise from top left:

Pineapple print Tory Burch Pineapple Flats Ice Cube Trays

Pineapple Print from Pinterest Baby Bubble Scarf Pineapple Gold Temporary Tattoo

Romper Hand Towel Lamp (sold out) Tory Burch Pineapple Tote Pineapple Belt

Pineapple Print Headband Earrings Romper and Hat