Would You Otteroo?

I saw this on Cup of Jo the other day and was immediately intrigued... home-left-right-image-1

The "Otteroo" is a floatie for babies 8 weeks and up, and yes, it literally goes around their necks. At first glance I was like "Oh cool!"and "OMG no way!" at the same exact time, but I had to learn more.

I'm a swimmer, I taught swim lessons all throughout college and was a lifeguard for years, so swimming and water safety is very important to me, starting at a young age. Out of all the things that we worry about as parents, drowning is one of those dangers that can be preventable, and it is always on my mind in the warmer months when we are at the pool almost every day. So, I clicked the link and learned more...

First, the Otteroo talks about the benefits of buoyant water play and how it can build neck, upper body, arm and leg muscles with less stress on baby’s joints. They claim that babies are born with innate swimming reflexes that disappear around 4-6 months, and the Otteroo can help babies make a "seamless transition" from involuntary movements to voluntary kicking.

Sounds good, right?

I also like the idea that the Otteroo offers babies a positive transition to water, giving them confidence in the water and helping them intuitively start to practice arm and leg water movement in the tub (or pool).

So I took the plunge and ordered one (they are so popular they are on backorder). Stay tuned for a Talley Otteroo review. But now I ask you, would you Otteroo?