Must Have Spring Toddler Gear

Mud SeasonMust Have(2)Today at the Fish Stocking I noticed a new toddler trend, one that I myself have only recently become aware of, which is the awesomeness of the Muddy Buddy. What is the Muddy Buddy you ask? Well it's only your new best friend if you are the parent of a small child who loves to be outside. Here in upstate New York mud season spring can be a tricky one. There is no more snow (yay!) but there is SO MUCH MUD OMG. You let your child go out to the backyard to play only to have them return covered in mud, dirt, wet, leaves, more mud. Enter the Tuffo Muddy Buddy, waterproof coveralls made for year round play.

Made with dual front zippers it is easy to get on and off, and the fit is nice and roomy so you can put layers on your little one to keep them warm. It's made of a rugged polyester fabric and has an elasticized hood with brim to shed water and sealed seams to ensure waterproofness. The elasticized wrist and ankle cuffs fit over mitts and boots and the entire thing keeps kids dry and clothes underneath clean. Stomp puddles, jump in mud, kids can do WHATEVER. It's even great for wearing inside for those particularly messy crafts! It has a nice little bag that is great for travel, toss it in the car for when you might need it, and it is lightweight and super durable.

This is perfect for my adventurous three year old to wear on hikes, in the backyard, anywhere that he will get into the mud (aka anywhere that mud exists). It's great for hiking because you can just pull it off before they get back into the car and minimize the muddiness. Now if only they made a Labrador sized one...