Camp Spotlight: Skidmore Tennis Camp

kidsToday's camp spotlight is another one that I will be sending my own kids to this summer. The Skidmore Tennis Program is one that my older two kids also started at when they were little and Jack can't wait to get started there this summer. I spoke with Stephen Thirolle from the Skidmore Tennis Camp about the program, read on to see if this active and engaging camp is a good fit for your kiddo!

Stephen Thirolle: The camp is an all ages, all levels player development summer tennis camp running for six weeks at Skidmore College (815 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs), starting Monday July the 6th and finishing August the 13th. It has four distinct programs, one for pee-wees, one for juniors, one for adults and one for competitive players. The slogan is "fun and focus". We will focus on game play and social bonding as well as stroke and skill development. Our powerhouse coaching staff comes from Skidmore College's coaching staff and team, as well as RPI's coaching staff. It's important to note that you don't have to commit to all six weeks, you can choose weeks that work best for you, we strive to make the camp as flexible for families and working folks as possible.

As I'd mentioned above, the social training that tennis gives you is such a big part of the game. A non-contact sport that features responsibility, communication, cooperation and etiquette has all the hallmarks of a great educational tool. Tennis is a game that can be played and developed quite literally for a life time. On top of all that, tennis develops every aspect of the the total athlete. It's the other "beautiful game".

I am a USPTA certified tennis professional, a 10 year NYC teaching professional at Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club, Town Tennis and Sutton East. I played Middlebury College varsity tennis, Shaker High School varsity tennis as captain and MVP. I was in the ETA's top 50 and District 10's #1 during my junior years. I am assistant coach of Skidmore College women's tennis, whom I've just taken to the NCAAs final 16 as our very own Liberty League's 2015 champions. I absolutely love tennis and wish to promote and develop the sport in our community as well as our colleges.

A mother'sIf your child understands how to run, jump, catch and throw, and if your child is able to stay standing and active for up to 45 minutes, then I'd say he or she is ready to play ball! This doesn't mean your child has to be a natural athlete; every one of us has room for development.

The fun, the exercise and the camaraderie. These highly structured hours are so key to mental, ethical and social development. Tennis has a high degree of discipline that draws the student into the world of sportsmanship and self-improvement.

Stephen_7Stephen Thirolle from the Skidmore Tennis Camp

Many thanks to Stephen for giving us a peek inside this great program. Our little tennis player can't wait to start! For more info find them on facebook here (this program fills up so contact them early!) and click the photo below for contact info.