Every Family Road Trip You Will Take (in gifs)

Three day weekend y'all, you get out of work early all like The-Office

The trip starts out great. You're packed, ready to go, excited for the vacation!

excited-babyThen about fifteen seconds after you leave the neighborhood the kids are already over it

few-weeks-kids-start-complainThe kids immediately create imaginary borders between themselves and then alert you to any breaches

anigif_enhanced-buzz-28925-1378463828-4Your husband abandons any sense of navigation and morphs into the World's Most Irritating Backseat Driver

anigif_enhanced-buzz-15104-1378458554-4Even though the kids ate a full breakfast they are suddenly starving and begin beg you to stop at every fast food restaurant sign they see

giphyhungrySame goes for the bathroom. Even though they JUST WENT BEFORE YOU LEFT

hA08661A4You are now only thirty four minutes into your trip

pedalAbout halfway through the kids just get weird

giphykidsThey make funny faces at truck drivers

giphytruckThere's a lot of this going on

anigif_enhanced-buzz-20587-1378388524-33And at some point, you will say this (also acceptable DON'T MAKE ME PULL THIS CAR OVER)

1730f56c195505520131479499ea09322ad7d16370e18b48d5858122f8ea6d55But man, when you finally pull into grandma's neighborhood, it's all worth it

LokiAnd you can run out of the car in search of wine, you made it!

30-RockHave a great weekend guys! xoxo