Mamatoga Book Review: “Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go?” from Mighty Twenty

YafanaI'm a multitasker by nature, as a mom of four it is pretty much a job requirement, which is why I fell in love with this little Tooth Fairy book by Mighty Twenty called “Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go?”, because it's a story book, a keepsake, and kids actually learn something, all in one adorably illustrated package. Bonus points? It makes my kids want to brush their teeth, score! index The beautifully illustrated book is chock full of facts in easy to understand language for little kids explaining the importance of baby teeth and their role as “placeholders” for the “big teeth”. The Smile Express takes off through the book to visit other countries and explore their tooth fairy traditions. In Mexico, kids can learn about “El Raton”, who leaves a present for baby teeth in a jar beside a child’s bed. In China, kids learn that children throw their teeth as high as they can while singing a special song.

The end of the book even has an area where kids can personalize it with their own tooth fairy stories, including what their own family’s traditions are; and what their own tooth pulling technique is (do they wiggle the tooth or pull it out?!). I love the idea of a built in keepsake book, it seems like just yesterday Finn lost his first tooth while sitting on our back deck, but I will admit I haven't kept track between those first teeth and wherever it is we are now teeth wise, which brings me to the next feature I love...The book also has a handy guide for tracking baby teeth as they are lost, including details on which baby teeth will fall out and what types of new permanent teeth will take their place.

Mighty Twenty itself is pretty adorable too (20 baby teeth to lose = Mighty Twenty), and they are all about pairing fun with education with their tooth pillows, tooth tracker journals, and even baby teeth temporary tattoos (pictured above).

“Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go?” is a great addition to any tooth fairy tradition (and would make a super cute "First Tooth Fairy Visit" present). Kids can pull this book out every time they lose a tooth to read the story again and add in their newest smile update. Click here to read more about Mighty Twenty and to see their fun and interactive tooth fairy tools.