The Moms You'll Meet at the Pool

THE 5 MOMS YOU MEET ATTHEPool season is almost upon us, and so today I've put together a handy guide to the Moms You Will Meet at the Pool, from the relaxer to the planner (and a few in between). Now put on that one piece and let's dive in...


This mom is ready for fun with a capital F, just not the kind of fun that involves getting into the pool with the kids. In fact, you're not sure you've ever seen her bathing suit actually wet. Find her on a lounge chair reading US Weekly while working on her tan, occasionally glancing up from "Stars, they're just like us!" to say a generic "GOOD JOB SWEETIE" as her kid cannonballs into the deep end. This mom only has kids that know how to swim, so they are the lifeguards responsibility now. She's also big on ordering dinner to be brought down to the pool. Nice and easy, so all she has to do when they get home is change them into pjs and the day is done.

HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE RELAXER MOM: Ask her if it's okay to bring drinks down to the pool area. Chances are she has something stashed in her bag already.


Find her walking around the edge of the pool chasing her toddler over, and over, and over, and over again, pleading with him to just put the floatie vest on. When she does get a minute to sit down her eyes are glued onto said toddler who now is running full force for the edge of the pool. Again. Does the toddler want to get in the pool with her? Of course not! Running dangerously close to the edge is WAY more fun. She will not enjoy coming to the pool again for a couple of years. She secretly looks forward to the days when she can actually relax and maybe read a book at the pool.

HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE NON SWIMMING TODDLER MOM: Offer to watch her kid while she takes a potty break.


Now this one is in the pool like ALL THE TIME. She's showing her kids how to do the breaststroke properly and does actual laps during adult swim. This mom is there to DO STUFF, she's playing Marco Polo, she's diving in for rings, she is running a 10K the next day.

HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE HANDS ON MOM: Ask her if she swam competitively in college. Even if she didn't you're in because she'll take it as a compliment.


These are the moms that are sort of into playing with the kids, but sort of into just chatting and maybe getting a little tan on their shoulders. They'll either stand by the steps or sit on the edge because their kids are BEGGING them to come in, and once in a while they might toss a pool noodle to a child floating by, but for the most part they just want to be a relaxer mom. The Half Ins Half Outs have mastered the art of looking like they're doing something without actually doing anything. It's an enviable summer parenting skill.

HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE HALF INS AND HALF OUTS: Have your kid make the first move and become friends with their kids, that way you'll have to wind up sitting together on the pool edge anyway. THE ALWAYS PREPARED MOM

This mom comes loaded down with about four LL Bean totes and for good reason, because when she starts unpacking she has fresh fruit cubed and cut up for safe consumption all in separate containers, goldfish crackers and Pirate's Booty (in actually new unopened bags, none of it is in a soggy unidentifiable clump at the bottom of one of those totes), coloring books for downtime, aloe vera gel, a first aid kit with both boy and girl style band aids, about eleven different kinds of sunscreen, all full, an assortment of diving toys, even an inflatable Barbie pool and mermaid/surfer Barbies all ready to go. This mom is on top of things.

HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE ALWAYS PREPARED MOM: Just ask to borrow her sunscreen, this mom likes to share because it also lets her show off how on the ball she is with stocking that pool bag.

Which mom am I? I've a mix of all of them I guess, a little bit of the slacker, sometimes I'm a half in, once in a while I'll actually jump in and get my hair wet, and we have ALL been that chase a toddler around the pool edge mom. Now which one are you?!