Tooth Fairy: Nailed It {with the Maileg Mice from Lex & Cleo}

Tooth FairyThe first visit from the Tooth Fairy is one of those super sweet parenting moments that you will always remember, sneaking in, finding the little note, leaving them their much anticipated reward. Nowadays though, it's easy to overthink this, in the era of Pinterest you can find a myriad of ways to really blow the top off the Tooth Fairy visit. Everything from teeny tiny handwritten notes (which of course can be personalized for your child and include a teeny tiny envelope AND A TINY STAMP OF COURSE) to gluing a tiny dollhouse "Tooth Fairy" door to their wall (yes this is a thing). For me, I like to keep it sweet and simple. A little "magic", not a lot of fuss.

That's why I love the little Tooth Fairy mice by Maileg at Lex and Cleo. Maileg is a company started in Denmark,  and "whimsical" is probably the first word you would find to describe their toys. They also have a nice old fashioned toy feel to them, with little adorable details that you won't find on the mass produced stuff. This Tooth Fairy mouse comes with a little pouch for a coin (a coin, not bill, though I'm sure you can fold a bill and put it in there, but I'm also in favor of bringing the tooth fairy money down a notch again), and a little matchbox to live in during fairy down time.

It's a sweet little keepsake for them to hold on to, and let me give you a little piece of advice... Buy one in advance, because kids tend to lose their first tooth on days that you have zero cash on hand and zero time to run to the ATM and break a $20 into Tooth Fairy money. If you want to sweet it up a notch, stop by Adirondack Trust, get a few Sacagawea golden dollar coins to put in there and you are ready to roll when the night comes for your Tooth Fairy debut. And then the magic is there, without fail, because they get to pull their little Tooth Fairy mouse out for every time, that little money pouch ready and waiting to be filled, and all you have to do is just have to sneak in and do it without waking them up. Done and done. xoxo

find the Tooth Fairy mice and more from the super cute Maileg line at Lex and Cleo