My Top Bathroom Shelfie {what's really up there}

My top_shelfI've given you the best drugstore beauty product and my high school beauty must haves and today I want to show you what is REALLY on the top shelf in my bathroom. The tried and true workhorses that I buy and buy again. My top shelfie must haves.

1: I am a shiny hair addict. I will buy literally ANYTHING that has the words "smoothing" or "glossing" or "serum" in the name, and I have pretty much the entire Sephora shiny hair section in my bathroom. Which is all sort of a moot point since I recently cut about seven inches off my hair. So they'll be sitting there unused for a while.

2: Smashbox Cosmetics Body Lights Glowing Lotion: You know when you're like "I'm so ready for shorts!" but your pasty legs are like "Uh no you're not". This is the product that helps you feel less like people might think you've been living in a cave for the past three years and more like you have seen actual sunlight. SADLY, they have discontinued it. WHY SMASHBOX?! So I am using it very sparingly until I find a replacement. The beauty of this product (see what I did there with the beauty product pun??) was that it wasn't an actual fake tanner/bronzer but it looked like a bronzer, but you could wash it off with no self tanner commitment. If you know of a product like this, please help a mama out.

3: Palmer's Cocoa Butter. My holy grail of lotions. I will use no other.

4: More hair smoothing/shine serums. I told you I have a problem.

5: Literally every single person in this household uses a different toothpaste. I use Weleda Salt Toothpaste, Sean uses "normal" toothpaste (he hates the salt one), then we have Frozen toothpaste, Thomas toothpaste, Transformers toothpaste, Honest Company toothpaste, seriously we must have like eleven tubes of toothpaste at any given time. I must stop the insanity.

6: The Boon Creatures Bath Toy Cup Set is the first set I have found that doesn't get totally gross right away, and I just pop them in the dishwasher to clean them. The kids love them too, they are little cups that can be put together to make different sea creatures, they are super duper cute. I got mine at The Bundle Store.

7: More hair stuff. Moroccan Oil (I just really love the scent too).

8. Overpriced bath oil I got as a gift years ago that I pretty much never use.

9. Motherlove More Milk Plus, tastes gross but works. I buy it at The Bundle Store.

10. I talk about this Natural Calm stuff a lot, but that's because it really does help. I buy it locally at Healthy Living Market and Cafe (go there on Thursday for a discount on supplements)

11. Approximately 47 hair ties.

12. I love Mustela baby products, I've been using this lotion on my kids since my oldest was born.

13. This is the "calm" spray I spray on the kids sheets or in their rooms if they're having a rough time getting to sleep. It's just vanilla and lavender essential oils and water, and I gussied about a dollar store spray bottle with some sparkle star stickers. I'm not sure if it actually works or they just like the scent, or that I come in there and do a little song and dance about it's magical sleep spray powers (sometimes I do an actual song and dance too, whatever works, amirite?).

14. Crabtree and Evelyn Aloe Vera lotion, another discontinued favorite that I am currently hoarding.