Pool Mom Must Haves 2015

takeadipThe other day I shared my kids summer gear essentials with you, and today I want to share some essentials for YOU for the pool, the lake, the beach, wherever you may go to beat the heat in style.

clockwise from top left:

A good tunic is a must, and if you find even a semi-stylish one you can throw shorts on underneath and wear it around town without feeling naked. Upgrading from the normal casual summer wear to a tunic makes you feel pulled together even if you literally changed from pajamas into a swimsuit without showering, and bed head/beach hair goes with this look perfectly too. tunic; j.crew

I LOVE Crabberie totes because their prints are the absolute cutest and this one with sailor shirt print? TO. DIE. FOR. Find Crabberie totes locally at Silverwood Home and Gallery on Broadway in Saratoga Springs. tote; tuckernuck

Now for something practical, this tote is a cooler and a tote in one. You can pack snacks in the insulated cooler base, then store towels and gear on top. Plus it's water-resistant so you can toss wet swimsuits in it, and it has backpack-style straps for hands-free carrying. tote; one step ahead

Turkish towels are lightweight yet absorbent, and can be used as a throw over chilly legs, to dry off after a swim, even tied in a sarong. And let's face it, I'd rather use this as a sarong than a Little Mermaid towel. towel; tuckernuck

A great beach read is an absolute must, and this newest one from Lucy Sykes is the perfect poolside page turner. book, The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes

Monogrammed sunnies in a classic tortoiseshell do double duty as a headband and a chic personalized accessory, plus you'll always know they're yours when you leave them behind at the club. sunglasses; monogram avenue

A step above flip flops, these simple sandals can work at the lake and at dinner that night, plus gold sandals look great on tanned feet. sandals; j.crew

I was never a summer hat person, but the Palisades hat from Bungalow LA has changed me completely. It's lightweight, easy to pack (it rolls up), and has a cool vintage vibe that goes with anything. hat; bungalow la