The Stages of Summer Laundry

DON’T WISH FOR IT_WORK FOR IT(1)Summertime is almost here, hurrah! Life will be so much easier without the school schedule, packing those lunches, needing to get the kids off to the bus stop on time, right? RIGHT? The answer is, yes and no. Yes lunch can turn into just eating watermelon outside with ice pops for dessert, impromptu barbecues without needing to make sure you have all the requested lunchbox components. Yes the schedule can be somewhat more relaxed without worrying about missing the bus and having to chase it down to the next stop waving your arms and yelling like a crazy person while still wearing your pajama pants. The big no?

Summer laundry. If your children are still small let me explain this to you. If your children are older, you can share in my misery.

Summer laundry is an animal all it's own, one that rears its ugly head in late spring once pools open and sprinklers are in full effect. Basically, your laundry will multiply by 400 including mostly towels, towels, bathing suits, play clothes, more towels, and finally, towels. Your kids will suddenly require 8 towels a day per child, they will come home to your house with towels that do not belong to you, extra bathing suits will appear, and most of the clothing (AND YES TOWELS) will be wet, dirty, or both, at all times.

The other problem is that you will also presumably be outside enjoying this lovely weather (okay maybe not today in particular), soaking up the sun, not wanting to be cooped up indoors folding and/or putting away laundry. So that adds to the problem. You're out enjoying life and throwing your cares aside, living in the 80 degree moment, maybe you're at the pool all day, the kids are tired out and sun kissed and you're ready to call it a day realize every single article of clothing you own is in a series of laundry baskets scattered throughout your house. Whether washed or still unwashed (sometimes which stage it is at is unclear), none of it is put away and these piles are now threatening to stage a coup and overthrow your entire household. The kids complain about not having any underwear in their drawers and you try to tell them they can just keep wearing their swimsuits until you finally throw in the towel (pun fully intended) and decide you MUST take action or else you will be showing up to the grocery store wearing a beach cover up with an ice pop stain on it and a wet bathing suit bottom for the third time in a row.

When you find yourself facing this summer dilemma, here are some tips you can turn to in order to help you get through this.

First, don't get overwhelmed. It might seem really insurmountable at first.

This_is_too_much_gif giphySecondly, I am a HUGE advocate of teaching the kids to help out as soon as humanly possible. That way by the time they're in college they might be capable of doing it themselves properly. Start now, just adjust your expectations accordingly (aka they might make the process more difficult for the first 10-12 years or so).

Y8dnYhU tumblr_inline_n3c4ydm4Wn1qcodf4Don't let your lack of housekeeping skills make you feel badly about your performance as a parent. I mean, everyone pushes the button on the dryer for a second round when you just can't face to put the load away. Trust me.

nickmilleradultThere really aren't any usable tricks to make this job easier, or more exciting. You just have to get through it.

tumblr_nctxovgCfx1twrvw2o1_500Or get around it.

g0P6iBwOr just make the best of it.

GIF-Doing-laundryOr give yourself a reward to look forward to, like wine!

giphywineAnd finally, when you DO get it all done, make sure to enjoy that moment. Because it will be fleeting.