The One Tool that Has Gotten My Toddler to Eat

specials(1)Oh my three year old, picky isn't even the word to describe his eating habits. "Eating habits" isn't even accurate either, because that would imply that he actually EATS something. But there are days that go by where he turns his nose up at almost anything I offer. Anything, that is, besides chocolate milk. Chocolate milk and pancakes, that's about it, and even those are hard to get him to eat.

That is, until I found this set of train cookie cutters. Yes. It has been that simple. That slap my forehead why didn't I think of this two years ago simple. "Jack, want some cheese?" No. "Jack want some choo choo cheese?". YES.

img25opancake molds, williams sonoma

Sandwiches, pancakes, toast, pretty much anything I can cut into a shape now he will eat. I invested in some more tiny little cookie cutters to cut shapes into watermelon cubes, cucumber slices (he will even eat the cucumber slice "leftover" because it has a shape in it), kiwi, apples, anything. I have owls and kittens and shamrocks and ghosts, turkeys and dogs and pigs and apples. Somehow the simple fact that is is now in a shape makes it appealing, and it works.

Will it work for long? Who knows, with a threenager you just roll with it. Now we've moved on to spelling food out which seems to be a big hit. Fingers crossed he let's me cut dinner into a train shape tonight...xoxo

img54oalphabet cookie cutters, williams sonoma