Family Camping? Sort Of.

John C. MaxwellThere are photos from when my oldest brother was a baby camping with my parents, in an actual tent, in the actual woods, when he was an actual baby (in the 70s and my mom's super long hair was amazing). I like to point this out because camping with a baby is not really in my wheelhouse, and camping with four kids, including one baby who literally just started walking and one Jack, is also not in my wheelhouse. Instead, we like to "rough it" in a cabin in Vermont. Indoors? Yes. Electricity? Yes. TV and electronics? No. Wifi? No. Iced coffee? Not far away. That's about as rough as we get. There's a fire pit out front so we can have the feel of camping, a lake just a three minute walk away, and you can sleep with the windows open and it is almost like being in a tent. Except, you know, not as tent-y.

There are a few little extras we include to make it more camp-like, these little details make it more special and we can haul them out each year and the kids get all excited about their "gear".

campingcutenessclockwise from top left:

This flashlight is hand powered, no batteries required, and the kids love the fact that they have to wind it up in order to make it work. No whipping out the iPhone flashlight anymore! IKEA flashlight

The cutest little kid sized enamel mugs, I love the vintage style in the mini size. Enamelware Mini Mugs

The cutest LED lantern OF ALL TIME.

This bug balm is great because the kids can grab it and put it on themselves without getting it in their eyes or the risk of any chemicals. The natural and 100% Organic formula contains no DEET, petrolatum or other chemicals, find it locally at The Bundle Store.

Your Lego lover will be obsessed with this headlamp.

Plastic-free, lead-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free & waste-free, the ECOlunchbox Kid's Tray and Camping tray are perfect for camping and have that sweet vintage outdoorsy feel I love. Plus they are super durable, find them locally at The Bundle Store.

So tell me YOUR top camping (or sorta camping) tips for kids?