My Can't Live Without Summer Product

STOCKWe've family field tested it for weeks now and I have to say I will NEVER buy a different kind of this again.

I fell in love with this sunscreen from the beginning, with a score of 1 (the best score) from the EWG the Goddess Garden brand (available locally at The Bundle Store) seemed right up our alley for the summer. We are outside a LOT, and between the six of us we range from sensitive baby skin, to my 7 year old who is very fair, to the more easily tanned rest of us, so usually one product hasn't worked and instead my pool bag was a hodgepodge of different SPFs and baby sunscreens until now.

The ONLY one we have been using for all of us, baby on up, is the Kids Sport continuous spray, which is 80 minutes water resistant (and is available in both tube and continuous spray). There is some concern by experts that spray sunscreens have a possibility that people might accidentally breathe in the ingredients, a risk that’s greatest in children, who—as any parent knows—are more likely to squirm around when they’re being sprayed, but we just spray it on hands and then rub it in so the spray factor seems to be not a problem at all.

The sunscreen contains simple organic ingredients, zinc and titanium dioxide as the active ingredients, they are all non-nano mineral physical sunscreens (vs chemical sunscreens), and they are sheer and blend well and are non oily. They have worked so great for the baby, who is my biggest concern sunscreen wise, and also have kept my 7 year old burn free.


Find the spray version and more products from Goddess Garden at The Bundle Store, and to read more about sunscreen safety click here.