Summer Camp for the Three Year Old

11666075_10152978032103715_7674197867418629278_n 11140371_10152978031838715_122399594588771653_n IMG_5305Jack started his very first summer at Skidmore Tennis Camp today and he was beyond excited, and I was beyond excited that my three year old was going to get some fresh air, some exercise and perhaps even pick up a few skills on the tennis court for a full hour. It was a big hit, and he can't wait to go back. The funny thing was, this morning as we were getting Jack ready, Facebook posted one of those "Time Hop" photos for me of five years ago today, when my oldest son Finn, then three years old himself, was taking HIS first tennis lesson at Skidmore Tennis Camp (his sister would also follow in his footsteps at Skidmore Tennis Camp) so it was a fun memory to see Finn's first day on Jack's first day (see the photo below...btw we still have those shorts Finn is wearing, Jack's wearing them tomorrow to camp day #2).

to find out more about Skidmore Tennis Camp, visit their Facebook page here