FREE Back to School Pinterest Printables {2015}

dreams don't workunless you doAh, Pinterest. Always there to help us look like we are WAY craftier than we actually are. Nine times out of ten when I ask a fellow mom where she got the cute idea I get a knowing look and one word as an answer, "Pinterest". Today I've got the most adorable Back to School printables to snap that first day photo, get organized, let them know you care, and celebrate a new year. Plus, they're all FREE.

indexclockwise from left: First Day signs from I Heart Naptime (I really heart naptime too...); super cute printable to use as a first day lunch note; a print and cut countdown chain to print and make now to get ready for the big day.

printablesclockwise from top left: Find a place to put all that artwork from school, because there is going to be a LOT of it. Try this easy to do cable art display that will make the kids proud of their masterpieces. Lilly Pulitzer inspired binder covers, where were you when I was in high school?! Finally, these vintage inspired lunchbox notes are the sweetest.

printables2clockwise from top left: Getting a good routine going is great, and having it all written down in full view makes it somewhat easier to get everyone on board. Have a kid that's old enough to start packing their own lunch? Print this out and put it on the fridge to make sure they don't go to school with a lunchbox full of cookies. These quotes are so great, especially the one below, because kindness is truly what matters, in preschool, and in adulthood.

Screenshot 2015-08-17 16.42.34Have a fabulous first day my friends xoxo