Mama Lemonade {just for grownups}

MAMA LEMONADEI have to admit, my tolerance for alcohol has somewhat diminished as I have gotten older, and I am somewhat of a "lightweight" when it comes to drinking but man oh man do I LOVE rosé wine in the summer. Which is why I had to try this recipe for a light drink with a grown up twist that won't leave you bleary eyed in the morning when you have little ones demanding breakfast at 6am.

Cup of Jo always shares the best stuff, so when I saw this rosé lemonade post I had to try it and it was so refreshing with just the right amount of pink. I prefer a little bubbly in my lemonade so sparkling rosé was perfect, but pairing it with non-sparkling wine is just as good (or pair it with some sparkling lemonade like San Pellegrino which you can also find at Healthy Living Market and Cafe) . I'm not going to get into not wanting to make my own lemonade after putting the kids to bed (or at any point really), so I will skip that whole rigamarole, and just give you the skinny on where to find the best rosé (but if you must get all homemade-y, then go nuts here with this great recipe).

In this guest post from Healthy Living Market and Cafe, Eva from Divine Wines gives us some great (and inexpensive) rosés to try. Simply mix the two, wine and lemonade, according to what kind of day you have had (or adjusting it to taste, whichever you prefer). Enjoy mamas!

Click the photo below for the complete rosé post