Vermont Vacation Scrapbook {PHOTOS}

I am homesick for vacation. Probably more than I have ever been before. We spent a week in our two bedroom cabin in Vermont. We fished, swam, boated, didn't shower much, ate a LOT of hot dogs, played badminton (or as Jack refers to it "Batman"), listened to music, did yoga on the dock, and just spent time together. I wore zero makeup and was barefoot the whole time. Finn learned to wakeboard and Levy learned how to unhook her own fish, Jack swam without his life vest and Talley had her first ever boat ride during which she just squealed and clapped the entire time. We built a little "Talley Lagoon" out of some rocks in the shallow part of the lake and she splashed around like a maniac.

Papa got to water ski and I got to read an actual paper book. It was heaven. IMG_6508

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