Get This Into Your Beauty Routine PRONTO

surfpointbay.comA couple weeks ago I finished off the last of my favorite fragrance and found myself at a loss. I needed something new, but really couldn't find something I liked and while I've been waiting for the time to go peruse the shelves at Sephora armed with some fantastic suggestions from readers, I stumbled accidentally on something I might just be falling in love with. Not just a fragrance, this beauty product has a ton of uses (and you can get it for less than ten bucks).

Years ago I found myself in one of those gorgeous little boutique beauty shops and bought a bottle of rosewater based solely on the fact that it came in a beautiful glass bottle with a pretty little label. And it sat on my dressing table for a WHILE. Once in a while I would open it up and splash a few drops on the nape of my neck but I couldn't say I actually used it on any regular basis, and eventually moved it into the bathroom closet, which is where I rediscovered it last week.

I googled "ways to use rosewater" and found a site that suggested using it as a rinse after shampooing, so I tried it out, and it is THE BEST. Just probably a few tablespoons or so rinsed through after shampooing and my hair is softer, shinier, and has the lushest, most gorgeous rose scent that is so fresh and natural, it wafts out subtly when I let my hair down from it's standard bun and makes me smile every time.

I didn't stop there. It comes as no surprise that roses have been used in beauty routines for centuries, with historians believing that they were an essential part of people’s skincare regimens in ancient civilizations. Today, it is the flower’s oil is used as the main ingredient in rosewater, and the unique tonic is great for reducing redness, calming blotchiness and hydrating your skin.

I use it on my face in the morning as a splash or a toner and it instantly reduces puffiness and blotchiness. It’s a natural toner with mild astringent qualities, so it balances the pH of your skin and tones pores. That's the other big plus, it's 100% natural.

Of course you can use it just as a fragrance, splash a few drops on your skin after a shower, and you can even use it as a mist for your sheets: add 3 Tablespoons of rosewater for every 1/2 cup of water and pour it into a spray bottle. Before getting into bed, lightly mist the sheets with the delicately scented water, it is the best.

Some people find rose scents old fashioned, but there is something so fresh and clean about the unadulterated rose scent found in rosewater, it's not overwhelmingly flowery but has just the right amount of sweet and clean that makes you think garden after a rainstorm not the perfume aisle of Nordstrom.

I've been wearing it in my hair and splashed just a bit on my neck for a week or so now and I've gotten a ton of compliments, I think I've found my newest signature scent.

Find it in a facial spray here (Burt's Bees makes some too).

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