Looking for Contributors {Mamatoga Fall/Holiday Issue 2015}

yes I'm sureI think...I'm looking for two mom contributors for the next issue of Mamatoga Magazine to talk about two different points of view. I need one mom who is 100% sure she is DONE having kids, and one who thinks she is done, but isn't quite ready to totally close that door just yet (like I was after I had Jack, guess I wasn't done, huh?!).

You don't need to be a writer, you just need to be a mom with an opinion (I swear). You can contribute anonymously or have a byline, either way I just want your honest opinion. Sometimes it helps to hear someone else talk about it, you know what I mean?

If you think you might like to take part, shoot me an email at Jenny@mamatoga.com and I will give you more info. I just need one from either side of the coin, so email me asap if you are down to take part! xoxo

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