I Need These in My Life

HELLOGENIUS!(1)Sometimes you come across a product and you are just like "DUH! Why is this the first time I am finding out about this?!". Enter the The Reisenthel EasyBags shopping cart baskets.

reisenthal-bagsOne thing I ALWAYS forget to do is bring in reusable grocery bags. All the time. There they are in the back of my minivan, and there they stay. And then I wind up with eight million plastic grocery bags that are a pain to bring in and need to be brought back to the store to be recycled.

These reusable baskets unfold and attach to shopping carts for easy packing and unpacking. Made to last for years, each basket will replace thousands of disposable bags in its lifetime. Items stay secure with the Velcro closures on top; stash your wallet, keys or grocery list in the zippered pocket.

Hooks on either side of the bag attach to the walls of your cart, keeping the bag wide open for ease of use. When you're done shopping, simply remove the hooks on either side and fasten the lightweight, durable handles together with the attached Velcro. One could easily be all the bag you need on a smaller outing and two should be enough for a larger trip. Plus, no need to stop at groceries, use them for storage, laundry, school or any shopping trips.

I am IN LOVE WITH THESE. Buying them immediately.