Mama Obession: Mudrooms

SERIOUSMUDROOMENVY(1)When I was in my twenties I would probably spend most of my internet time reading celebrity gossip, online shopping (for myself, shoes most likely), that sort of thing. Now that I'm in my thirties (okay late thirties) I find myself searching for something completely different: organization.

Yes I have gone deep down the internet rabbit hole that is organization obsession and there is no turning back for me. Pins about organizing your fridge? YES PLEASE. Cute baskets with chalkboard labels? I'LL TAKE FIVE. Cubbies that will help organize your children's closets?! OMG DEEP BREATHS JENNY.

But there is one part that I am lacking in my dream organization fantasy, and that is a mudroom. See the thing is, I don't have one, but oh MAN do I want one. A nice cozy (yet highly organized) nook where the kids can sit on a cushioned bench while they take their boots off, place them lovingly in the correct spot, happily hang their raincoat on a hook labeled with their name, all under a shelf that has a framed photo of them and maybe a cute trinket that represents their hobbies, you know, nothing major. Because that would all happen if I had a mudroom. Right?!

It would be color coordinated and name coordinated for each child, bright and cheery yet traditional, it would be glorious. So how do I achieve this crowning glory of home and family organization without actually having a "mudroom" (or putting on an addition)? Enter the Garage Mudroom.

The Garage Mudroom is a phenomenon all it's own, it laughs in the face of space limits, and gives hope to all of you wainscoting obsessed organization freaks like myself. The only problem? It's in my garage. Which, let's face it, doesn't look anything like this...

great_garage_mudroom love_this_garage_mudroom Organized_Garage_Makeover_6Not yet at least (but seriously my garage floor will NEVER BE THAT CLEAN PHOTO TWO THAT IS NOT ACHIEVABLE IN REAL LIFE). Sorry, where was I? Oh that's right, garage mudroom project. I'm doing it. Stay tuned.

Update: Still haven't started.